About Izzee


Feeling the warmth of the sun.

Feeling the warmth of the sun.

Izzee, Dizzi’s trusted sidekick, loved by all, goes everywhere with her and makes her life & adventures more meaningful. Izzee, has taken on many roles in her life from Dizzi’s rescue assistant to Dizzi’s trail running, hiking and biking partner to loyal and faithful traveling dog. Izzee graciously goes along with all of her mom’s adventures and accepts other sentient beings into her world openly. She is a perfect example of unconditional love.

On the Bourbon Trail

On the Bourbon Trail

Izzee is a Chocolate Lab / Springer Spaniel mix. She loves to chase squirrels, run through the woods, wrestle with her cousin Violet, playing in water and hang with her mom. Izzee is especially good at seeking out the comfortable places to lie on. 

No, she is NOT a Border Collie.


Selfie with mom


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28 01 2009
Michael Cline

Loved the site. it’s very interesting,

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