Mom Time!

12 11 2015

My mom has been taking care of a lot of other dogs lately. I think it’s great that my mom loves all dogs and wants to make sure they are well cared for but sometimes I begin to feel sad and a little neglected. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Grandparents. I get to play with my cousin + spend quality time in the woods, the creek, chasing chickens + sniffing all kinds of things. Grandpa P even takes me for walks but….it’s just not the same without mom 😦


My cousin Violet

When Mom’s home we share so much together…. like meditating in the sun and connecting with the Earth after a run + swim at the park.

Lots of lap time + belly rubs


In the morning hours, Mom and I run round + play chase in the front yard.

IMG_7079     IMG_7100

and of course there is lots and lots of snuggle time.


My mom is great and I try real hard to not let it bother me when she has to be away. I know she is making someone else’s doggies happy and keeping them safe.

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For more information on my mom’s pet sitting skills you can click here.




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