Dog Flu in NC

18 07 2015

Hey, everyone! Listen up…this is important. There’s a new strain of the canine dog flu (H3N2) and it has made its way to NC. No know vaccine or antibiotics at this point.

There are 2 confirmed cases in Asheville and 1 in Winston Salam with 200 other possible cases. Read more here.

Please please please all you 2 footed creatures…take good care of us! We too, just like you are susceptible to sicknesses. The better you feed us and care for us the stronger our immune systems are the lower the risk for contracting a sickness or disease and the greater chances we have of fighting it.

Avoid grain-laden (wheat, corn, soy) food with ingredients you can’t pronounce and give us plenty of clean water to drink. Just like you…processed foods are not healthy for us either. More on that later….

For now…Keep us at home and watch for flu-like symptoms. Take us to the vet immediately if we are not eating, drinking or are vomiting, lethargic and/or have diarrhea.

I love all of you furry canines!

Izzee (and her mom)




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