It’s A Dog’s Life

16 07 2015

Sometimes I just sit and stare or at least that’s what my humans think. Man, are they clueless. Always asking, “Izzee what are you doing girl?” or saying silly things like, “Hey girl, yo9805176u’re such a weirdo just sitting like that.” They are the weird ones…not me. I have it all figured out and always have. I am not sure what is taking so long for these 2 legged creatures to catch up. They act like they are SO smart but yet are SO lost.

All the answers are right here…in nature. I can feel it, smell it and hear it. I connect with Mother Earth and absorb her energy everyday, all day. Heck, my mom smells my paw pads because she says it smells like the earth. Well, duh!! Of course they do.

I do have to admit though, my mom seems to get it more than most humans. But still…it’s really time all you humans wake up!!

Stop, breathe, use ALL your senses and just be still. See the magic.




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