My mom left me…AGAIN!

24 03 2014

This time so she could hippy-style her way through some island halfway around the world. Too many street dogs over there for my liking. Street dogs just run around and do whatever they please…so unmannered and animal-like! While my mom backpacks around Sri Lanka, I am staying with Grandma and Grandpa P. Playing in the yard and sun bathing whenever I want, long walks, squirrel chasing, wrestling with my cousin Violet, harassing my Uncle’s chickens, riding in the car, running through the woods and sleeping on the couch. Or so I thought…. Boy was I mistaken. The house was a disaster zone and my couch was gone! How could they donate MY couch? So not fair. Night time was upsetting…where do I sleep? My dog bed? The floor? The carpet? Well, the carpet didn’t last long either. Strange men came and took the carpet. I barked and barked but it didn’t matter…no one was listening. Then, I couldn’t go outside when I wanted. The men controlled that too! Who are these people? And why is my Grandma and Grandpa P allowing them to take over the house? Everything is in boxes and in piles. I’m so confused and sad…I want my mommy!




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