Worst Day of My Life

30 11 2011

November 13th was the worst day of my life. My mom, grandparents, uncle and nephew all went to Pilot Mt. and left Akoya and I home alone. I thought it was weird that I didn’t get to go with them but I know why now. That morning Akoya was acting a little funny and drinking lots of water. I thought it was weird but she is a Husky after all and they are a little strange anyway 🙂  I heard my mom and grandmother talking about taking Akoya to the doctor the next day because they thought maybe she was sick to her stomach. I thought that sounded like a good idea and it was certainly better her go to the doctor than me. So, I am not really sure what happened that afternoon. Akoya and I were outside hanging out and watching the birds and squirrels. Then Akoya was walking and tripped in a hole that one of those silly foster dogs had dug in the yard. I tried to help her up but she just lied there. She wouldn’t move. I didn’t know what happened or what to do. I sat by her side and waited for mom to get home. It seemed like forever until mom came home but she finally did. I ran into the house to meet her at the door. I waled to the kitchen and went outside and mom came too looking for Akoya. I wish I could have talked to mom my and told her what happened and that I tried to help my sister. My mom began to cry and went back inside to talk to my grandmother. Then my uncle came out and looked at Akoya too.  I followed my uncle back inside and saw everyone crying.  I think Akoya is dead. I really tried to tell mom that I tried to help her…really I did try. I wish my mom could hear what I am saying. After a while a man in a truck came and took Akoya away. I didn’t know why or what he was doing with her. I wanted her to stay. I want that many to bring my sister back. I have not seen her since and I don’t know what to do. I miss her so much and I can tell my mom does too. All I want to do now is be near my mom. I hate when she leaves me at home all alone. It makes me really sad and wonder if she will be returning home.

Fun Times at Stone Mtn

Look at my sister….isn’t she beautiful?? My mom took this picture of Akoya and I at Stone Mountain. It was a beautiful summer day and my mom, sister and I spend the afternoon hiking, running, playing, swimming and relaxing in the warm sun. Akoya and I got to chase each other through the water, over the rocks and through the woods. Man, my sister may be old but boy was she still fast! I will certainly miss those times.




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