Forsyth County, NC Fence Fund Established

4 05 2010

Two major Forsyth County animal welfare organizations have joined forces to pledge up to $15,000 for fencing materials to help low-income dog owners erect fences for their pets. Fur-Ever Friends of NC ( and the Forsyth Humane Society ( announce the creation of the “Unchain Forsyth Dogs Fence Fund” as a matching community challenge to underscore their support of a county ordinance that would disallow the 24/7 chaining of dogs. If fully supported by community donations, a total of $30,000 could be made available to Forsyth County residents.

Applicants will apply through Coalition to Unchain Dogs ( or through Dogs Deserve Better ( These two non-profit groups have extensive experience with installing modest yet durable woven-wire fences and will be key project partners. Amanda Arrington from Unchain Your Dogs and Shari Strader from Dogs Deserve Better would screen applicants, design the fence, deliver the materials, and schedule volunteers to erect the fence.

Carol Nelson and The Forsyth Spay/Neuter Clinic ( has agreed to contribute up to two free spay/neuter services, plus rabies vaccines, for each Forsyth Fence Fund project completed.

Steve Benefiel, owner of Pet Supplies Plus (2812 Reynolda Road, W-S, NC 27106,, will provide a $30 gift certificate for every family that receives a fence through the Forsyth Fence Fund.

Donations towards this matching challenge can be made through or The groups are seeking local business partners, such as fencing and building-supply companies, to lend their support and assist in the campaign.

See the video,Unchaining of Joshua, a Forsyth County Dog

See more on Joshua or donate to DDB’s fencing fund…




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