What Lifestyle Choices Are You Making for Your Pet?

29 04 2010

While you and I make our own lifestyle choices, companion animals must depend on their owners to make those decisions for them.

If your dog or cat had lived from birth in a natural setting, he would do what comes naturally. He would eat a species-appropriate diet, get plenty of exercise, and avoid man-made toxic substances.

If his environment was relatively free of predators, your pet would quite likely live disease-free, physically fit and mentally healthy for as long as nature prescribed.

When you bring a companion animal into your home, your pet’s life is in your hands. From that moment forward, you make all lifestyle choices for your dog, cat, or other animal.

Following are just a few examples of how poor decisions can affect the furry or feathered members of your family:

  • If you smoke cigarettes in your home, you are deciding for your pet that she will be subjected to second-hand smoke and the possibility of nicotine poisoning.
  • If you feed your dog or cat a low quality commercial pet food, you’re deciding for him that he won’t have access to a nutritionally balanced, species-appropriate diet that is the foundation of a long, healthy life.
  • If you don’t help your pet get an appropriate amount of healthy exercise, you’re making the choice for her that she might become obese and diabetic, or bored and plagued by behavior problems.

Overweight dogs and cats have a higher rate of disease and a shorter lifespan than physically fit pets, and behavior problems are the number one reason companion animals wind up in shelters.

READ MORE>>>>>>http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2010/04/28/pet-owners-lifestyle-choices-affect-pets-health.aspx




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