Campaign Tackles Urban Dogfighting

26 09 2009

Street dogfighting is rampant in our cities, perpetuating animal cruelty, violence and crime. It causes horrible animal suffering and desensitizes young people to cruelty.

In this underground world, whoever has the toughest pit bull is the winner—but the dogs and our communities are the losers.

But The HSUS is on the front lines, offering a new grassroots, preventative method for cities to tackle street dogfighting.


Sean Moore: Reformed Fighter Is Now Friend to Pit Bulls

The streets of Chicago hold many ghosts of Sean Moore’s younger days.

The alleys remind him of people gathering to watch dogs tear each other up. The people strolling with their pets stir memories of pit bulls put down because of injuries they had suffered. Young neighbors summon visions of Moore’s former self, before he knew there was anything wrong with training his dogs to fight.

The Past Informing The Present

Now 38, Moore has escaped his past. But he makes a point of not forgetting it.

Instead, he has spent the last two years as an anti-dogfighting advocate (ADA) for The HSUS’s End Dogfighting program, relying on his inside knowledge of the streets to help transform attitudes among children and young men who are following in his footsteps.

“It’s a sad situation what I’ve done to these animals that haven’t really asked to have anything done to them,” says Moore, who now owns three pet pit bulls. “[I thought] that’s what pit bulls are supposed to do; that’s what we were taught.”





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