Four Minor Hormones have Major Consequences in the Body

1 02 2009

When hormones are in optimal amounts and balanced, the body is ready to play the music of life. Like an orchestra when some of the players have taken the day off, the body can’t make beautiful music without all of its hormones being present and working together. Achieving hormonal balance takes some time, dedication and work. It is best done with the help of a physician who specializes in anti-aging medicine or hormonal balance. It is often achieved only after a period of trial and error, but it is work that has a big payoff. Full hormonal orchestration not only makes you feel great, act great and look great, it provides the best protection there is against the horrors of aging and degenerative disease. In addition to the sex hormones, optimal levels and balance of four other minorhormones can keep you dancing to the music of the cosmos.

1. Melatonin puts us to sleep and keeps our immune systems strong

2. Human growth hormone is the quintessential anti-aging hormone

3. Pregnenolone fights fatigue, boosts memory and more

4. DHEA is the mother hormone





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