Mom Time!

12 11 2015

My mom has been taking care of a lot of other dogs lately. I think it’s great that my mom loves all dogs and wants to make sure they are well cared for but sometimes I begin to feel sad and a little neglected. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Grandparents. I get to play with my cousin + spend quality time in the woods, the creek, chasing chickens + sniffing all kinds of things. Grandpa P even takes me for walks but….it’s just not the same without mom 😦


My cousin Violet

When Mom’s home we share so much together…. like meditating in the sun and connecting with the Earth after a run + swim at the park.

Lots of lap time + belly rubs


In the morning hours, Mom and I run round + play chase in the front yard.

IMG_7079     IMG_7100

and of course there is lots and lots of snuggle time.


My mom is great and I try real hard to not let it bother me when she has to be away. I know she is making someone else’s doggies happy and keeping them safe.

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For more information on my mom’s pet sitting skills you can click here.


Izzee’s Pet Services

11 08 2015

Hello Woof Woof Hello

My mom and I have been in business together now for 9 years. Yep, my whole life. Talk about puppy-labor 🙂  I’ve been working since I was a wee-bity pup. It’s been fun…most of the time but dog, there have been some moments.

Together, my mom and I offer pet sitting services all over the Winston-Salem area. We are also willing to travel if we can plan ahead. Services are dependent on your needs. We are very adaptable and can accommodate most needs/wants. I am even willing to stay home and let my mom go without me if that is what your pet prefers.


Click here Izzee’s Pet Sitting Services for more details.

Dog Flu in NC

18 07 2015

Hey, everyone! Listen up…this is important. There’s a new strain of the canine dog flu (H3N2) and it has made its way to NC. No know vaccine or antibiotics at this point.

There are 2 confirmed cases in Asheville and 1 in Winston Salam with 200 other possible cases. Read more here.

Please please please all you 2 footed creatures…take good care of us! We too, just like you are susceptible to sicknesses. The better you feed us and care for us the stronger our immune systems are the lower the risk for contracting a sickness or disease and the greater chances we have of fighting it.

Avoid grain-laden (wheat, corn, soy) food with ingredients you can’t pronounce and give us plenty of clean water to drink. Just like you…processed foods are not healthy for us either. More on that later….

For now…Keep us at home and watch for flu-like symptoms. Take us to the vet immediately if we are not eating, drinking or are vomiting, lethargic and/or have diarrhea.

I love all of you furry canines!

Izzee (and her mom)

It’s A Dog’s Life

16 07 2015

Sometimes I just sit and stare or at least that’s what my humans think. Man, are they clueless. Always asking, “Izzee what are you doing girl?” or saying silly things like, “Hey girl, yo9805176u’re such a weirdo just sitting like that.” They are the weird ones…not me. I have it all figured out and always have. I am not sure what is taking so long for these 2 legged creatures to catch up. They act like they are SO smart but yet are SO lost.

All the answers are right here…in nature. I can feel it, smell it and hear it. I connect with Mother Earth and absorb her energy everyday, all day. Heck, my mom smells my paw pads because she says it smells like the earth. Well, duh!! Of course they do.

I do have to admit though, my mom seems to get it more than most humans. But still…it’s really time all you humans wake up!!

Stop, breathe, use ALL your senses and just be still. See the magic.

Your Love Will Forever Be Etched In My Heart

10 07 2014


With tears in her eyes, mom sat down beside me and held on to my face while kissing my nose. She said she had something to tell me. I looked at her with concern and she said, “I just learned that Archie died in 2009, which was only a year after he left us.” My heart sunk and my mind raced with thoughts of what could have happened, to fun times we had, and to the transformation he went through at such a young age.

Forcibly through tears I ask my mom what went wrong. Mom paused, wiped her eyes and calmly stated, “Archie was shot and killed by the neighbor.” I gasped and just sat their silently sobbing while Mom continued to tell me all she was told by Archie’s adopted mother. She stated that the man said Archie charged at him after getting out of the fence but that Archie was still in his own yard when shot. The sheriff doesn’t believe that Archie suffered at all.

“How?” I asked. “How does such a thing happen?” It doesn’t make sense. I knew my mom could not answer my questions but I asked anyway. “How does the Sherrif know if Archie suffered or not?” I know that Archie would never charge at anyone unless his family was in danger. He was my sweet little black boyfriend. He was full of love and always willing to give affection.

Archie had been through so much in his short time here on Earth. I am blessed to have known him and to have witnessed his transformation as he worked through his fears. Archie had been abused when he came to live with us. His first father was brought up on charges for animal cruelty and eventually found guilty.

I would like to tell you about Archie’s first few months with us…..boy was he shy and scared. So scared that my mom couldn’t pet or comfort him because he would hide. He also had a pretty bad case of mange that had to be treated. My mom was so patient spending hours on the kitchen floor allowing Archie to get used to her. I tried telling him that it was ok. That my mom was very loving and would never hurt him. He wanted to believe me and trust humans again but it was hard. Archie would slowly get closer and closer until finally….after 2 months he jumped in my moms lap and gave her kisses. I was so happy! My mom was too…she cried tears of joy!

Archie continued to come out of his shell and show us his funny and lovable personality. Then one day, it came time for mom to add Archie to the adoptable list. Man, that was a tough decision. He had become a part of our family. I didn’t want him to leave but I knew he deserved a loving family of his own. It only took a couple weeks before people began calling about Archie. Man, my mom was picky and demanded several visits with the family including in-home visits to their house. Finally, my mom let him go….it was a bitter sweet day.

I know I played a big part in Archie over coming his fears and moving past his abuse. He was in love with me 🙂 I also know in my heart that Archie was happy with his new family. I think about him often and will forever love him.

To Archie….you were the best little black boyfriend I have ever had! You are still my mom’s favorite rescue dog too. We both miss you and know that you are enjoying life in doggie heaven.


My mom left me…AGAIN!

24 03 2014

This time so she could hippy-style her way through some island halfway around the world. Too many street dogs over there for my liking. Street dogs just run around and do whatever they please…so unmannered and animal-like! While my mom backpacks around Sri Lanka, I am staying with Grandma and Grandpa P. Playing in the yard and sun bathing whenever I want, long walks, squirrel chasing, wrestling with my cousin Violet, harassing my Uncle’s chickens, riding in the car, running through the woods and sleeping on the couch. Or so I thought…. Boy was I mistaken. The house was a disaster zone and my couch was gone! How could they donate MY couch? So not fair. Night time was upsetting…where do I sleep? My dog bed? The floor? The carpet? Well, the carpet didn’t last long either. Strange men came and took the carpet. I barked and barked but it didn’t matter…no one was listening. Then, I couldn’t go outside when I wanted. The men controlled that too! Who are these people? And why is my Grandma and Grandpa P allowing them to take over the house? Everything is in boxes and in piles. I’m so confused and sad…I want my mommy!

Akoya ~ 1/21/2001 – 11/13/2011

3 12 2011

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My first furry daughter…love and miss her a ton.

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